Life purpose? What is my life's purpose? Why am I here? Why are we here? What am I supposed to do with my life?

These are questions we ask ourselves time and time again. We spend a good part of our lives asking these questions. Some of us think they have found their life purpose early while others find it much later in life. Many of us seem to not find it at all. The idea of a life purpose is pretty abstract and really unclear. Is it about creating a legacy, being popular for something, having a successful business or is it what appears to be a random act of kindness that inspires another and even the world?

The concept is so broad we really don't know what it is to achieve one's life purpose because we are not clear on how to define it exactly. I used to sit up at night, asking the universe to guide me into truly finding My life's purpose. Getting random ideas, feeling inspired by them and saying this is it, my life's purpose but just like most things the passion for that idea may die or I'd get a whole new idea which eventually leaves nothing done, LOL. The pressure we put on ourselves about life's purpose can be pretty overwhelming which takes away from us just simply enjoying life.

My realization about it taking away from me enjoying life lead to another realization. We enjoy life by being present in life, being in the moment and not thinking about the past or future. We associate life's purpose with the future so it's very nature goes against presence and being present. So, it seems we need to let go or change how we approach life purpose. I mediated and it finally hit me.

Presence is life, therefore life is our purpose. Being alive and experiencing life is the purpose of all of this. There doesn't have to be anything more to it, THAT'S IT! live your life and be authentically you! Forget of what happened to you in the past, forget wondering what will happen in the future. Live in the now as you are and you will be living your purpose.

Peace and Abundance Always
Peter Abundant